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Friday, January 9, 2009

Gossip Number 3.

Spotted: An Old Flame

Blythe Dolls!

Colour: Red Only
Price: RM45
Rate: I drooled over it!
Why: Because it is freaking gorgeousss!! Definitely a FAB BUY!!
My favourite one, so far! :)

* Check out their Blyth Dolls Edition too!! *


Spotted: Dandelion's Kisses

Rockstar Chic

Colour: Blue + Red & Red + Black
Price: RM40
Rate: Perfectly Gossiped!
Why: Me adore the vintageness it gives!! Reminds me of students from the UK. Heehee.
Oooh! It reminds me of Rockstar Chic too!!


Spotted: Jolly Dolly


Colour: White Only
Price: RM55
Rate: I drooled over it!
Why: Duh! Who wouldn't? It's soo adorable, this piece! Plain white jumpsuit looks sexxyyy kan? :)


Spotted: Lush Serendipity

Drown in my Arms.

Colour: Red, Green, Blue & Orange
Price: RM23 (New Buyer) RM20 (Returning Buyers)
Rate: Perfectly Gossiped!
Why: Luscious Red. I'm loving it! Elegantly made, no? :)


Spotted: Luscious Lips

Gossip Girls.

Colour: Black + White & Red + White
Price: RM42
Rate: I drooled over it!
Why: It's checkered, it's slightly high waisted, it's flare! And it's only at RM42? You definitely don't wanna miss it!!


Spotted: The Closette


Colour: Black Only
Price: RM55
Rate: Perfectly Gossiped!
Why: Babydoll dresses, they were such a hit back then and up till now, it's still in style. It's suitable for classes, work, dates and blablabla! =P


Spotted: Kiss and Tell

Not so Innocent.

Colour: White & Pink
Price: RM45
Rate: I drooled over it!
Why: This piece is adorably stunning, no? I like how body hugging it is. Sexy at the same time, a cute one! :)


Spotted: Funtogs!

The Long Gone.

Colour: White (Cream) base + florals.
Rate: I drooled over it!
Why: I cant take my eyes off this piece! I like the floral design on it and ooh, it's a lil ra-ra at the bottom! Gorgeously sweet lookin, no?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Second Gossip

Spotted: Pumpkin

60's Rock & Roll
Colour: Grey & Black (Sold Out)
Price: RM65
Rate: Perfectly Gossiped
Why: Because this piece here is absolutely stunning and high waisted are IN!! :)
Spotted: Peep
Runway Bride
Colour: Red Florals (Black Base) left!
Price: RM59
Rate: I drooled over it!
Why: Satin are really really an elegant material! What's more, the prints on this gorgeous maxi is just fantabulous!! And priced at RM59? It's totally a fab deal!

Beach Baby

Colour: Green and Blue
Price: RM38
Rate: * Honestly, I think it's between Perfectly Gossiped & I drooled over it *
Why: Knitted top which means it will totally go so well with bikinis, double layered and price RM38?! This gorgeous lovely piece is definitely worth every penny!

Spotted: Fringe

This wedges are made for walking

Colour: Only White available
Price: RM129
Rate: Perfectly Gossiped!
Why: Gorgeous wedges, no? =)


Spotted: Fascinate

Welcome to Neverland!

Colour: Pink, Dark Grey & Turquoise
Price: RM45
Rate: Perfectly Gossiped!
Why: Dual tone dresses are simply lovely. And combined with peterpan colar? Perfecto! :)

Be my Valentine!

Colour: Blue, Red, White & Black (Sold Out/ Non-Restockable!)
Price: RM41
Rate: Perfectly Gossiped!
What could go wrong with matching your bottoms with a simple stunning tube top? =)
Spotted: Cat in a Bowl

High School Rocks!

Colour: Blue, White & Purple
Price: RM48
Rate: Perfectly Gossiped!
Why: There's nothing wrong with reliving childhood now is there? Besides, this can be worn to classes and work and fun and what nots. =)

First Gossip!

Be a ROCKSTAR with this Starlight Hoodies!

Colour: Black & Grey
Price: RM44
Rating: I drooled over it!
Why: Priced at a very reasonable value and hoodies are never a back dated fashion, yes? :)


Spotted: Jen's Closet

Go Bohemian!

Colour: Brown + Green left.
Price: RM52
Rating: Perfectly Gossiped
Why: Picked this because I personally adore bohemian style and it is versatile!! Your pick, ladies. =)


Spotted: A Model Studio

East meet West!

Colour: Only Red Available
Price: RM69
Rate: I drooled over it!
Why: Cheongsams are rarely worn these days, no? I lovee the detailings and also the luscious red colour. It screams sexyy!!


Spotted: Arena of Clothes

The Adorable One

Colour: Black, Blue & Pink
Price: RM43
Rate: Perfectly Gossiped
Why: It is adorable and suitable for all ocassions. Nuff' said. =)